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So, let me tell you...

I'm sure you've already noticed, but distressed denim is back and some far more distressed than before. Honestly, between you and me, I couldn't be happier. These Joe's jeans were at one point my ABSOLUTE favorite pair of jeans. Like the pair you put on that gives you an extra switch in your walk... those.
Unfortunately, I had to stop wearing them because of a very unseemly tear towards my inner thigh. Like I do with the majority of my favorites that I believe I can no longer wear, I set them aside in hopes to salvage them. And lo and behold, the day finally came for me to revive my favorite true blues!

I started by making the original tear bigger and topping off the front with a few extras. Once I get this pair back into the swing of things they'll be perfectly distressed, just like I like them!

Word to the wise, before you throw away one of your favorite "ruined" garments, hold on to it for a bit, you might be able to do something with it after all.

Outfit Details:

H&M sweatshirt
for men
[Also like this too]

Derek Heart button down 
via Loehmann's
[Check this one out]

Joe's jeans
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Jessica Simpson heels
[Also sweet on these and these]

Michael Kors bag
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Tiffany & Co bracelet
[Find it here]

Thrifted: multicolored bracelet
[Also like this too]

Nixon watch
[Also like this too]

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