---->>>> To Buy or DIY, That Is The Question

So, let me tell you...

 whenever summertime rolls around I get this burning desire to get crafty with my clothing. Like the other day, I really wanted to wear denim shorts in a style I didn't have, so I got out my scissors and did a little DIY-ing and voila, I had shorts. So I say that to say, when I wore this outfit I wondered what this skirt would look like distressed. I love the skirt as is, but I can't decide, do I take the plunge and distress it, or try to find a legit distressed denim skirt? So I ask you, to buy or DIY, that is the question. Let me know in the comment box. :)

 P.s. to see my DIY shorts, check out my Instagram!

Outfit Details:

Sheinside vest

Sheinside crop top

Vintage denim skirt

 Charles David mules ( alternative here )

H&M necklace

Urban Outfitters sunglasses

Mr. Kate Beautymarks

 Marshalls bag ( alternative here & here )

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1 comment:

  1. To buy lol :)

    Love thαt fold in the front of your skirt ;)

    Nice sandals too!