Product Review: Yes to Carrots

Yes to Carrots shampoo and conditioner

I want to start off by saying that I am not affiliated with the Yes to Carrots company, nor have I been paid to give this review. With that said, I undoubtedly love the hair care products: Yes to Carrots nourishing shampoo, pampering conditioner and leave-in conditioner.

I have extremely sensitive skin and I’m allergic to the majority of the beauty products that I have either tried or would like to try, which is a bit of a bummer. Being that I have this dilemma, it is quite challenging and a tad bit frustrating when looking for new products to try. So, when I found out about this product line I was excited and slightly reluctant to try it, only because I've had to experience some nasty skin reactions in the past. I did say nasty right...? It was just nasty. But, after watching more than enough YouTube videos, reading a few reviews and the product ingredients, I decided to give it a go. And boy am I glad that I did because this product line is AMAZING, and guess what my skin doesn't seem to mind it either, which is a major plus. 

The line has a distinct sweet smell. For some, the smell might take some getting used to, but for me, it's all good. The shampoo lathers very well and definitely does its job. I follow the shampoo with the conditioner which feels so soft and really does wonders for my hair! The only thing that puts rocks in my socks is the bottle caps. I nearly gave myself a major hand cramp trying to squeeze the freakin shampoo out of the bottle and the conditioner cap wasn't that much better either. I've already purchased a second bottle of conditioner and that cap is worse than the first, which let me know that my first cap experience was not just a fluke. I don't know whats going on in there, but I think it should definitely be looked into, literally. 
Hopefully, the Yes to Carrots people have realized this defect and are working on fixing the situation. If not, I might just have to say No to carrots nourishing shampoo and pampering conditioner and try something else within the line. I really hope it doesn't come to that because I believe I have found a new hair staple. I've got my fingers crossed!

Anyways after my hair is washed, conditioned, and rinsed I hit my hair with the Yes to Carrots leave-in and my hair is happy once again. 

Yes to Carrots leave-in conditioner

The leave-in, leaves my hair moisturized smelling good and ready for the next step. I've tried several different leave-in products before and none have really done the J.O.B. like this leave-in. And the best thing about this is that a little truly goes a long way, which means that I can certainly get more bang for my buck. Score!

To sum it all up even though I'm pretty sure it's obvious, even with the crappy caps, I would definitely refer this product to my friends. My advice, just unscrew the cap and try not to get water in the bottles. So, if you're running low on either shampoo or conditioner, try something new if you're willing. You might just get hooked and you'll be like me saying YES to Carrots!


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