Just Freakin' Do It

Wearing thrifted pant suit with Topshop necklace Coach bag and Jessica Simpson heels

Orange you glad it's summer!!? (Cheesy I know, but I couldn't help myself. lol)
I can't believe it, summer is finally and officially here! Summer is my absolute favorite season, the beautiful sun coupled with the warm summer nights, no other season beats it in my book. To celebrate the joy and the freedom I feel for the summer season I finally did something that has been on my "gotta do it" list for the longest...take my own outfit pics.

One could say, for real Marquise, that made it on a list?? But yes, it certainly did. Slight confession: I was extremely apprehensive about taking my own outfit pics. Why, you ask? Somehow, I was just convinced that this was an exceptionally difficult process on account of me not having the slightest clue what all of the little buttons and symbols on my camera even mean. However, I told myself that if I don't try I won't have the opportunity to find out.

 I mean seriously, what better way to bring in the summer than by doing something out of your comfort zone? For me, it was the camera, but for someone else it might be something completely different. It might be about finally wearing those shorts that have been glaring at you every time you open your closet but have been extremely nervous to wear, or finally sportin' that bikini or tankini instead of your tried and true comfortable one piece that you pull out every year. 

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that taking self-pics and putting on a bikini or a pair of shorts are one in the same. After all is said and done, it's about getting out of your brain and doing something out of your comfort zone, one leg at a time. After I took my pics I was so proud of myself for FINALLY just going for it, no matter how uncomfortable I felt in the beginning. I actually had fun! Just from that one thing I felt like I could do it all. To me, summer just puts this fearless vibe in the air, so why not stop and take it in, because I'm sure once you do, you'll be amazed what vibes you'll put out yourself. 

 SOO... I know it's probably said often, but Nike definitely hit the sweet spot, with their "Just Do It" slogan.  Besides, you're not doing this for other people, you're doing this for yourself!
So I say...
Just Freakin' Do It man. 


Wearing headband Ray Ban sunglasses chunkly bangle bracelets Nixon watch Coach handbag and Jessica Simpson heels

Wearing thrifted pant suit Coach handbag Jessica Simpson heels with Ray Ban sunglasses Topshop necklace and Nixon watch

{Outfit Details: Unknown thrifted pant suit, Jessica Simpson sandals, Coach bag, Ray Ban sunnies, old Topshop triangular necklace, and random head scarf}

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