Closet Makeover

Have you ever found yourself in a mental fog, where up is down and down is up? Yes, No, Maybe so.
Well my sweet thangs, I certainly have. From my last post until this one I took some time to figure out what I needed to do in order to shake life up to get it back on track. 

I realized that with the mental haziness I'd lost my fashion mojo. Say what...? Not your fashion mojo?? Yes girl(or guy), I did. Not cool. I know! So with that beloved time that I mentioned I decided that this was the season to make some changes. Not only mental changes, but fashionable ones as well. My first step towards my exciting makeover was putting together a montage of looks and items that are inspirational to me.

As I was scrolling through the Pinterest pages "OMG-ing" and adding more and more Pins to my boards to create a collage of looks, it rang in my head ever so loud and clear; Closet Ambitions!!! I'd written down life/financial goals why not have some closet goals as well. Ya know, get a lil fashion focus goin so I can upgrade the ol' closet of mine. So I rearranged some things and came up with items that are achievable right now and some that are going to take a little more elbow grease. The concept might seem a bit silly to some, but I believe that once you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish it's a lot easier to work for it. 

I'm sure as this summer continues to fly by and the alluring world of fashion helps me stay focused on my newly discovered goals,  my list of closet ambitions will undoubtedly grow. I'll be sure to keep you lovelies updated when they do! 

Do you sweets have any closet ambitions, or general goals you're working towards?


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