Olive Blue

So, let me tell you...

Olive blue, olive blue, olive blue!! 
Ok, I should probably clarify my random repetition. Olive blue, it's supposed to be a play on words, you know olive juice (olive blue) said quickly and obscurely sounds like I love you.... 
No, ok. I'll admit, maybe it just sounds better in my head. =)
But in all serious I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you again to everyone that reads, comments, likes, clicks, or scrolls through Honey In My Heels in all facets. Your support means so much to me and I'm truly grateful to be able to share my style and sometimes cheesy anecdotes with you. Knowing that I have the ability to freely express myself in hopes to inspire someone else is a true blessing. So, thank you!

On another note, just in case you missed it. I added a Shop My Selection to the blog in the sidebar. Be sure to click through to see some goodies. Let me know what you think. Happy shopping! And like always, thank you for reading.

Outfit Details:

List button down
{Similar button down here}

H&M tank
{Alternative tank here}

H&M pencil skirt
{Also like this style too}

Aldo heels
// old
{Love these heels}

Ray-Ban sunglasses
{Love this Ray-Ban's too}

Mom's: clip on earrings
{Check these earrings out}

Topshop pyramid pendant necklace
{Also like this pendant style too}

Tiffany & Co. key pendant necklace
{Similar pendant here}

Nixon Watch
{Also like this men's watch too}

Esprit bag
{Also love this crossbody bag too}

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  1. You look fab!! Gorgeous look :)


  2. STUNNING! I like your outfit ! :)

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