Back In The Streets of LA

What to wear with a graphic t shirt

So, let me tell you...

New York was an absolutely amazing experience, the style there is so different from LA, which was to be expected. The streetstyle and overall vibe is somewhat indescribable for me. Because it wasn't just what the everyday New Yorkers were wearing, it was how they were wearing it. There was an essence of understated casual coolness that I have yet to experience here in the streets of LA. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking LA's style by any means, we've got our own noteworthy vibes as well! I'm just saying, after seeing their swag, it makes me want to incorporate a bit of that into my own style.

Graphic t shirt styled with full hem skirt

Wearing HM menswear graphic t shirt

Wearing Caravelle NY watch HM crossbody bag and Tiffany Co bracelet

Wearing HM graphic t shirt with American Apparel full skirt

Wearing American Apparel full skirt with Carlos wedges

Wearing HM graphic t shirt with rolled sleeves and American Apparel full skirt

Wearing HM graphic t shirt American Apparel skirt HM bag Tiffany Co bracelet and Carlos wedges

Wearing mens HM graphic t shirt with American Apparel skirt and Caravelle NY watch

Wearing mens graphic t shirt with a full hem skirt and printed wedges

Wearing HM American Apparel Carlos and Tiffany Co

P.s. my post from my NYFW trip will be up soon, I just need to finish sorting through the pics. :)

Like always, thanks for reading!

Outfit Details:

H&M t-shirt
{Check out this graphic t} also like this

American Apparel skirt
{Also like this}

Carlos heels
{Similar here} also like these

Jami earrings
c/o via Lucky Magazine
{Find them here} 

H&M bag
{Similar color here} also like this

Tiffany & Co bracelet
{Similar here} also like this

Caravelle NY watch
{Find it here} also like this

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