---->>>> Women' s Sleeveless Knit + Men's Camouflage Pant

Wearing // H&M khaki knit vest, H&M mens camo pants & sunglasses, Forever 21 heels

So, let me tell you...

As you may know, I like to dip into the men's section sometimes for pieces I can incorporate in my style, and these camouflage pants were a must have. When I was younger my older cousin gave me a pair of his old grease stained camo pants that I absolutely loved for some reason. It could have just been the fact that they were his and my infatuation with them was purely sentimental, either way, I was obsessed. Unfortunately they were way too big and I could never wear them, but that didn't stop me from using them to play dress-up. :) To this day I still can't fit them, so getting a pair of my own non grease stained camo pants was the next best thing. 

Wearing H&M khaki sleeveless knit vest, H&M mens camouflage pants and sunglasses, Forever 21 heeled sandals

fashion style blogger Marquise C Brown khaki ootd

Ootd details // gold Mr. Kate BeautyMarks, Caravelle NY watch, H&M mens camo pant, Forever 21 heels, vintage lion bag

Outfit Details:

H&M knit vest (alternative here )

H&M men's camo pants (alternative here & here )

Forever 21 heels

 Vintage clutch

 H&M men's sunglasses

Mr. Kate BeautyMarks (Find them here )

Caravelle NY watch

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