Walking on Sunshine

Alexander McQueen heeled sandals

Lately I've been finding myself drawn to the snakeskin pattern more and more. I have one pair of wedges that have the pattern that I just wore this past Easter Sunday. If you didn't see that Instagram post you can check it out here.
Alright, moving on to these sexy heels!
The color of these spicy cobraskin McQueen's instantaneously captivated me. The hue reminds me of the blazing sun. It reminds of the childish way I would color the sun back in the day. You know the sun you made with your orange, red and yellow crayolas...I couldn't have been the only one I know, haha. So with that in mind, my brain automatically associated these beauts with fresh and playful. Even with the playful mindset, I still think it screams EDGY; which is confirmed with the distinctive gold McQueen skull and chunky chain detail that takes this heel to a "whole 'nother level". This sandal is a bold spring heel that can transfer into summer and even walk its way into the fall season, besides it's a McQueen why wouldn't one want to wear these all year long!?

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